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Gig review of 9 Volt Shot + Ajanta + Myopia

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Reviewed on 22nd September 2005.


9 Volt Shot

Live at New Roscoe on Wednesday, 7th September 2005

An evening of contrasts at the New Roscoe was enjoyed by a pleasantly sizable crowd - given that it was a Wednesday night and clashed with the nation's prima donnas kicking a bag of wind with scant success - proof, if proof be need be, that live music at grass roots level is alive and kicking. Arf.

First up, Myopia, no doubt fresh from a successful jaunt into the Carling Academy on the previous night. But any thoughts of M1-lag were quickly dispelled, as this Glaswegian 5-piece confidently impressed an open-minded Leeds crowd. Great stage presence, and a brand of dance-rock interspersed with really intelligent pop sensibilities. Difficult to choose from a strong line-up, but pick of the set was probably newly-written 'Slow Me Down' - a disco romp reminiscent of Gold Against the Soul-era Manics. Be Real, a meandering indie slow burner, was brought to life by some clever stick-work from drummer Kris, including a face-melting fill worth the entrance fee alone. He later embarked on an audience-delighting Dennis Chambers-esque solo...

"They just make us want to burn our guitars," says Sal from Myopia. Ajanta are incredible. Simply incredible. Young bands are, by their very nature, confident and full of bravado - but rarely will you see a group so young, so justifiably self-assured. The artists formerly known as Shearwater perform live as well as any band I've seen in Leeds recently, and their brand of experimental blues rock is remarkable given the boys' combined age is a mere 43. Set highlight is crowd-favourite Peanut Butter Sandwich, an instrumental party piece that showcases Ajanta's talent perfectly. Close yours eyes and you'd believe Nuno Bettencourt had popped in for a quick solo, but that really is 13-year-old Ed Harrington; along with 15-year-old brother Robert (Drums and Percussion) and Alex Greaves (Bass), also 15, Ajanta effortlessly tackle what is an extremely difficult genre to play well, but play it well they do, and, even on just tonight's evidence, they should go extremely far. The right blend of talent and application makes them essential viewing for music fans in Leeds...

Onto tonight's headline band - the last before a break from gigging for 9 Volt Shot - and, my God, did they give it some. Confidence is clearly not in short supply here - front man Rory storms around the stage like it's Saturday night at the Leeds Festival - and an impressively sizable following love every minute. 9VS make no secret of their love for Pink Floyd and Led Zep, but it's perhaps some heavier influences (RATM, Metallica) that shine through in their live set. The raucous Don't Be A Fool and riff-tastic Last Say really get the crowd going - 9VS's infectious energy rubbing off on their adoring fans, but at times, the sheer vigour of it all gets a little too much for the musicianship to survive, and slower tracks like Stubborn and A Passing Joke are played far too fast for any subtleties to shine. Pinning down 9VS's live sound is a tricky task - I'm at stages reminded of the Rolling Stones - one interested observer leans in and says "ooh, don't they sound like Maroon 5", another points out similarities to the Kaisers - but in many ways, who they sound like doesn't matter - 9VS are an enjoyable live outfit - perfect for Friday nights in the Well, with plenty of the amber nectar down the gullet, and dancing shoes tightly laced.



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On 22nd September 2005 at 19:52 Anonymous 3717 wrote...

That was a fucking amazing gig.


On 3rd October 2005 at 21:17 Anonymous 1549 wrote...

twas indeed a good gig.



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