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With You by The Subways

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Reviewed on 24th September 2005.


With You

By The Subways

This latest offering from the up-and-coming whippersnappers from Welwyn Garden City encapsulates perfectly what this band are all about; a three-minute burst of loud, simple, magnificent punk rock. The lyrics aren't great but who cares when they are delivered with such conviction and enthusiasm?

For those of us whose teenage years are now well and truly over, the youthful optimism and attitude displayed in Billy Lunn's songs are a breath of fresh air. When he snarls "I don't like giving up 'cos giving up is easy," you believe him, whilst most of us, loathe as we may be to admit as much, can relate to his unashamed declarations of love ("when I'm with you, it seems so easy").

If the stabbing guitar riff, powerful drumming and rasping vocals are catchy, then the sheer energy and vibrancy of this track (and indeed this band in general) are irresistible. It's not ground-breaking music by any means, but The Subways manage to make it sound fresh and meaningful.

A live favourite, this track perhaps doesn't quite live up to the sheer brilliance of their two previous singles, but it is still a fine offering. And at a time when proper rock 'n' roll seems to be becoming more about image than substance, it's good to hear a bunch of kids with decent musical influences and talent coming to the fore. Give me proper, grunge-ified rock 'n' roll over art rock poseurs and bland stadium dad-rock any day.

And if this is what The Subways are like when the singer is loved up, just imagine what they could do if this guy ever got angry...



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On 24th September 2005 at 11:35 Anonymous 4015 wrote...

I broke up with my long-term girlfriend the other week. I got home afterwards, and this was on the radio.

Perhaps the biggest piss-take ever.

Good song, though, like.


On 24th September 2005 at 20:47 Anonymous 3383 wrote...

Yay, i agree totally with this review! Woo. Despite all the stick that they may get over their simple lyrics and that, I love The Subways purely for making me cling on to my youth for dear life and have a damn good time whilst I'm at it

Having said that, bless you LewisD, I know exactly what you mean too. I'm not as over my ex as i wanna be just yet and if it isn't enough that everywhere you look there are smug loved-up couples, here this guy is declaring his undying love for his missus AND getting us to sing along with him! Gees

I want a Billy Lunn...


On 24th September 2005 at 21:04 Dave LMS wrote...

Hehe, I really do love The Subways. But I gave 'em a bit of stick in a review for their lyrics. Your comment makes for a review in its own right Rach, hiya by the way!


On 24th September 2005 at 21:14 Anonymous 3383 wrote...



On 24th September 2005 at 21:32 Dave LMS wrote...

Hey, hope you're ok You'll find your Billy Lunn one day...


On 24th September 2005 at 21:36 Anonymous 3383 wrote...

Heehee, that i will. I'll hunt one down, it's only a matter of time!

And yep, loads better now thank-you. And i have a day off tomorrow, woo, so will finally get my review in, promise Hope you are well yourself, take care


On 24th September 2005 at 21:40 Dave LMS wrote...

Thanks Rach, you too


On 26th September 2005 at 19:02 Anonymous 4705 wrote...

this song is like all great songs, simple ,short, catchy and well sung. good luck to em



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