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Lay Our Battle Axe Down by The Concretes

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Reviewed on 24th September 2005.


Lay Our Battle Axe Down

By The Concretes

If you have yet to experience The Concretes then you can count yourself very lucky, why? Because with this compilation of their early EPs you have the chance to fall in love with them in the way they first intended you to. Following that you can move on and wonder at how you missed they're stunning self titled debut album last year and your journey to being totally besotted will be complete. The majestic and vulnerable tones of the wig wearing goddess Victoria Bergsman have never sounded so tender as they do on opener Forces, or as in love as they do on the Velvet Underground toned Sugar. Last December's EP pays a visit with the only Christmas song you will need in the form of Lady December and to close there is superb shuffling version of the simply brilliant Seems Fine. As well as foot tapping sweetness The Concretes also do brooding and dark with the churning strings on The Warrior or the down beat version of The Rolling Stones' Miss You. Being a compilation it doesn't hold together quite as well as an intended album and some songs such as Sand feel like a B-side in their length, but every song more or less has a close your eyes and savour moment which frankly negates any cares over track times.

If you did miss them first time round don't make the same mistake twice as your life just won't be whole.



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