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Got Love To Kill by Juliette & The Licks

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Reviewed on 25th September 2005.


Got Love To Kill

By Juliette & The Licks

Perhaps one of my biggest regrets of this year's Leeds Festival was allowing myself to get swept along with the hype and be all eager-beaverish, arriving early at the Carling Stage on the Sunday to secure a 'good spot' for young scamps, Arctic Monkeys. Not that they disappointed me greatly or anything, just that my so-called 'good spot' consisted merely of some big sweaty oaf completely blocking my view and persistently jumping on my toes, albeit completely out of synch with everybody else's jumping antics. Not then, it would seem, a particularly good reason to have forfeited the chance to catch some of Juliette & The Licks' set, which I have on good authority, was a truly no-holds barred appearance, including some crowd-surfing frolics from the red-catsuit clad front-woman. Needless to say then, contributing truly to their reputation of an explosively entertaining live act.

So, Juliette Lewis. Latest Hollywood sensation trying her hand at the music business, playing the part of the rock star as if scripted in a latest blockbuster? Or the real McCoy? Ok, so maybe much of the aforementioned live routines owe a lot to her theatrical expertise, yet merely listening to the seductive second single to be taken from debut LP 'You're Speaking My Language', 'Got Love To Kill', helps to prove that Lewis is not just another showbiz wannabe exploiting her already affirmed fame to explore another bank-balance increasing avenue, but rather that this band deserve to be successful in their own right.

Lewis' vocals seep seduction, what with her sultry pronunciation, (I mean it, listen to those vowels!) and her seemingly effortless passion being spat out with every syllable. The ay-ay-ay-woah-oh-ohs of the chorus lead to the song being unashamedly catchy and certainly I have enjoyed screeching along with it on numerous occasions now, somehow following the contagious example of confidence and self-belief that Juliette seems to reek. Indeed, opening lyrics, 'Woman, skip in like you own the place, baby', though hard to imagine any woman other than herself owning any place that she resides, do seem to encourage a feeling of kick-ass power that, you know what, I haven't felt for a while. Backed up remarkably by The Licks' incessant drum beat and strong riffs throughout, be it either actress or musician this ferocious front-woman and her boys are certainly in it for the long run and should most certainly be checked out right now.



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