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Untitled by Slowdrowned

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Reviewed on 1st July 2002.



By Slowdrowned

Slowdrowned are an interesting band from Cambridgeshire. This 3 track CD has one really good song and two skinny little puppies. The good song goes on for seven minutes or so and has hooky bass, howling echoey voice and steady aural development that makes it arresting and emotionally strong. The guitar stuff is thoughtful and weird-noise aware. Bass is relentless early Fall (reminiscent of League of Gentlemen). Claire, who clearly fancies herself, shows why she got the vocals job right from kick off. The rest of the band seem to get sacked or leave every couple of months, and it isn't clear whether the credits to "Emma" on drums might be posthumous. Perhaps she was just pissed off with the poor recorded drum sound.

The website suggests fairly tight knit cultural experience and restricted musical sources. The consequences only become clear on tracks two and three which are fairly disposable. Even the Contessa fails to find a tune that can work against the ponderous chord changes and turgid drumming. They could be folk songs, sort of. But Nick Drake allusions are not much of an excuse. Track three makes a fresh start, but is soon back down there among the dross that some bands have to get out of their system. When your musicianship is limited you have to have something exciting or compelling to communicate. Slowdrowned are still looking for gems to set alongside the very fine "At Night". Maybe they need to get out more and listen to something more challenging than The Dandy Warhols, the Cure and Manic Street Preachers these are very blind alleys they're going down.



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