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Given Up Giving Up by The Yo-Yo's

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Reviewed on 6th October 2005.


Given Up Giving Up

By The Yo-Yo's

I remember five years ago as a poor student living in Stoke-on-Trent getting the first The Yo-Yo's album and lending it to anyone who'd listen. Never before have I had so many people telling me what a great CD it was and how the hell were this band not in the Top 20 etc. So, on the other side of the rather messy Wildhearts reunion, I was intrigued to hear whether Danny McCormack and Tom Spencer (plus new guitarist Rich Jones formerly of Amen and the Black Halos) still had the old magic.

The answer, fortunately, is very much yes. The likes of "Omega Male" (which slyly nicks its riff from Green Day's "Hitchin' A Ride"), "Sunglasses" and the raucous closer "The Rock 'n' Roll Commandments" are prime slices of punk rock power pop which steamroller through with joyful abandon. The only reason this doesn't get full marks is the rather tinny production on some tracks which marginally detracts from their enjoyment although the songs still have enough raw power to punch through the at times rather muddy mix. Like Tony Wright with Laika Dog and Willie Dowling with Jackdaw 4, this is a triumphant comeback from these Britrock veterans. Well worth 20 minutes of your time.



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