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The Only Medicine by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

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Reviewed on 7th October 2005.


The Only Medicine

By Scary Kids Scaring Kids

They hail from Arizona, they scream a lot. And I have no doubt if you presented this single to my 4-year-old nephew it would probably scare him. It's a shame they are so damn loud, because if they weren't then the quality of the songs would probably cause him to nod off.

I don't get this genre, half arsed punk but with metal underpinnings. It has always struck me as confused and tedious. SKSK do the sound no justice at all, I am sure they have a decent fan base as you can probably bang your head against a wall to this sort of thing. Probably I said kids, don't do it. You might die.

So on "the only medicine" and b-side "What's up now" you get pretty much the routine spark-of-hell-and-plenty-of-cheesy-riffs that this sort of band turn out. The lyrics are shockingly bad and the structure seriously weak. "What's up now" goes something like; Cheesy riff - scream down mic - sing in a high gay voice - scream down mic - manic drum fills - high gay voice - cheesy riff - repeat for about 4 minutes and then it dismantles and reforms into a bloody lullaby!!! Eh. - Where did that come from? God this is a bad tune.

Enough now, stop. Christ this is why they all bang their heads against walls, to numb the pain. Stay in good ole USA please, if you come to our fair isles and play this trash at a gig there is a chance those scared kids might just fight back.



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On 28th October 2005 at 00:06 Anonymous 4875 wrote...

you sir are a nobody..i signed up to this site to bitch you out...sksk have more talent in their index finger than you have and ever will have in your entire body...dont harsh my...or anyone elses buzz with your negative bull shit...who needs it...these guys are incredible! if you have a nephew..then maybe ur to old to be writing articles about bands that adolescents listen to haha...loser...eat my shit


On 28th October 2005 at 01:09 Anonymous 4717 wrote...

don't you just love constructive criticism



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