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Gig review of Deadstring Brothers + Pigzipper

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Reviewed on 11th October 2005.


Deadstring Brothers

Live at New Roscoe on Sunday, 9th October 2005

Decisions, decisions! In town tonight there's Joseph Arthur at The Cockpit, Brendan Benson at the Uni and then his friends from Detroit, Deadstring Brothers at the New Roscoe. It's like trying to choose between going on a date with Kelly Brook, Liv Tyler or Rosario Dawson. I go with the underdog and head for the dark, deep south of Sheepscar!

Pigzipper are the openers for the evening and the localites do a good job of settling in the sparse crowd. Opening with a cover is generally not something I like, I'd rather hear what a band has to offer themselves before tackling someone else's work, but the rendition of Prince's 'Starfish and Coffee' is good so I'll let it slide this once. With some solid drumming holding things together these acoustic guitar driven songs have good melodies that would perhaps benefit from an extra guitar at times. The trio do well to fill out the sound with some good bass grooves and the use of samples, but the songs are strong and could really go places at times if there was a change of texture to really lift things up a notch. With a little more power and presence on stage the band could take their Gomez-esque songs and win over a lot of admirers.

So I've decided who the lucky lady is going to be and my date is now on stage, it's not long before I realise I have struck gold and my date is actually a menage a trois with Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba! These songs, their delivery and the performance are just what a guy looks for in a band. The slide guitar is simply beautiful, there's great interaction between the slide player and the keys man. Throughout the set they try and outplay each other with rival solos, teasing and taunting each other, whilst delighting us and, it seems, also the rest of the band.

Kurt Marschke has a Jagger like lilt to his voice as he guides his band through the rich melodies they create. Masha Marjieh adds backing vocals that add depth and further beauty to the songs. From the aching, heart stealing throb of '27 Hours' to the rambunctious swagger of 'Toe The Line' the band craft songs with care and deliver them lovingly to our ears. There's little interaction with the crowd but Deadstring Brothers certainly make a connection through their country tinged, soulful rock songs that will have Ryan Adams & The Cardinals or 'Exile..' era Stones fans' hearts beating with joy.



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On 12th October 2005 at 16:14 Anonymous 4205 wrote...

More and more of your reviews seem to involve sex.




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