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Moodswings by My Vitriol

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Reviewed on 1st July 2002.



By My Vitriol

Infectious records indie darlings My Vitriol are not a band that have passed me by. I have taken note of their stylish videos on MTV2, I have paid attention when played by Steve Pac-a-mac and I have thought to myself, not for me at the minute, but maybe one day. I now know that the particular day in question is a lot further in the future than I might have anticipated.

I will always review that majority of bands I hear (unsigned) with a certain degree of sympathy, regarding the lack of production budget and presence of a top producer offering guidance in the songwriting department, that way, it is the raw songwriting talent and musicianship that I am focusing on. With the likes of My Vitriol, I have no need to do this, for they have both budget and guidance. It therefore makes it ten times worse when I am presented with such formulaic drivel as this! 'Moodswings can best be described as instantly forgettable with big noisy guitars, lacking tune or appeal. Track 2, "The gentle art of choking" is scary in it's indie by numbers 'quiet verse, quiet verse, big chorus, big chorus, ra ra raaa!' oh booooaaaaring!!

As you can tell, I will not be advising anyone other than the bands family to buy this. Put it one way, if this were a demo sent to a record company it wouldn't make it past the first listen before winging it's way to the bin. It is insulting to all those unsigned musicians out there who slog their guts out to no avail, when they are presented with a band just using up the release quota on their contract by putting out some nonsense it sounds like they wrote in an afternoon. Continuing on this path, it will be surprising if My Vitriol make it to album number three.



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