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Dropped by Hybrid Kid

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Reviewed on 1st July 2002.



By Hybrid Kid

Hybrid Kid are a project emanating from fair London town. They quote some pretty impressive influences and are refreshingly for once, are not far of the mark. Their sound is that of a darker and more brooding Pavement, with Dodgy (that's the band) and Ben Folds Five vocals. Lead singer Danny Lloyd is either American or does an incredible impression of being one and despite this I have little to quibble with over a decent vocal performance.

There are plenty of good ideas here and a healthy level of interest generated, but ask me to remember a single track from this CD... now that's another thing. 4 or 5 listens now, frankly I can't be sure how many, and I still feel like I'm only just hearing the songs for the first time. Opener 'Dropped' is tuneful and bright, but lacking that zip it needs; Track 2 'Hook' is the closest the band come to finding one; Track 3 'Cotton Head' actually produces the effect of listening to music with a head full of cotton; Closer 'Force 10' closes the CD... enough said.

It's not all bad though. There is a real talent at work hear and the musicianship and songwriting is ambitious, interesting and shows a lot of promise beyond the usual dirgy guitar bands out there. These songs would make 4, not exceptional, but solid B-sides. Instead, put together as they are on this release, they struggle to impress and do the band little justice. With more shape and perhaps forgetting the need to be so like some of there alt predecessors, throwing unforeseen twists and turns at every 4 bars, then Hybrid Kid will grow up to be something rather impressive.



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