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A Way Of Being Free by The Composers

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Reviewed on 26th October 2005.


A Way Of Being Free

By The Composers

Apparently The Composers "thankfully don't sound much like most of the other bands in East London", thankfully indeed? What The Composers do sound like is a tough one to pin down and not bad for it. Think Jarvis Cocker sentiments, Divine Comedy composition but not the hooks, The Beach Boys book on melody and The Velvet Underground if they had been English and not stoned... then you might be somewhere close. All sung in estuary English one thing The Composers do have in common with other London bands is bloody going on about it! Saying "Brixton train" in your song means diddly dick to us northern folk and does not have anywhere near the atmospheric pomp you hoped it might. Interestingly the lead song of this single is not the winner here, it's jaunty, melancholic and has a big brass sound but it doesn't really cause a quiver as much as B-side The Vein Jane Blues which sways with harmonies to die for in the chorus. The obtuse Evacuate London Town is ultimately of passing interest despite some ambitious arrangement. Is it good to have your single out shone by one of your B-sides? Does it really matter? No but next time The Composers may need to look a little closer to home before over cooking it with the clever touches.



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