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And the Glass Handed Kites by Mew

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Reviewed on 26th October 2005.


And the Glass Handed Kites

By Mew

Well... how to start off this review. You see the reason I am having trouble putting anything down here is largely due to the fact it is almost impossible to write about perfection. Because quite simply that's what Mew's "And The Glass Handed Kites" is, 100% perfect and nothing else. Never have I heard an album where the haunting lullabies consume your soul and take you far away from anything even considered regular conventional music. Where all of life's problems disappear at the sound of what has to be the purist music in existence.

This album blends together perfectly. And I mean that literally as every track leads into the next with absolute consistency. What is truly brilliant about this CD is you can interpret it in so many ways. It can be the most beautiful album in the world. If you shut your eyes and listen, you feel blissfully unaware of anything but happiness (what other band can do that?). It can also be a 14 track long "head fuck". All you need to do is listen to the words of "Fox Cub" or "The Zookeepers Boy" and be thrown into complete disillusion.

With Jonas Bjerre's voice once again pushing the boundaries of what was considered physically possible to achieve, you can't help but wonder how you ever lived with out this band. Delivering a monument of an album which grows on you with each and every listen. Their ability to create dark atmospheric music with such unbelievable abstinence has you thinking only one thing. Mew have done it again.



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