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Wake Up Dead by AKp

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Reviewed on 1st August 2002.


Wake Up Dead

By AKp

This 3 track set from York's AKp, is being actively aimed at the copy it and give it away market. AKp aim to be "the UK's premiere avante-garde pop existentialists". (sic) If you believe, you'll be there.

Alexander King is the creative force, with cover painting, main guitar, voice and songwriting.

I'm a bit partial to the avant garde myself as it happens. But in these post structuralist times, a simultaneously exploding and imploding cultural universe makes it very hard to identify any one bit as "ahead". Unless, as here, you take the artist's own current state of development as the rest that needs getting ahead of. It has some cute bits of tune and guitar playing. Voice isn't bad either. But it is very familiar to anyone who has been waiting in vain for community focused (local) English indie music to get a grip over the last 20 years. The standard building blocks are all there, plus one or two hesitant forays out into (slightly) less structured sections. The underlying format is thinly disguised local band metal with ponderous drumming and loads of cymbals. The voice, is richer than usual.

"Whatever happened to our heroes. They turned to dust and blew away." is the refrain of track 3. No they didn't. Their CDs are still there in HMV. Their moon landings are still in the documentary. Their poems are still in the Library. Their goals are still on the video. The musicians among them still have the power to turn your life around. Especially the dead ones. AKp have a long road ahead.

They promise "controversial and theatrical live shows". So get down to Joseph's Well on August 17 and have your versial contra'd.



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