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Drink Me by Queen Adreena

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Reviewed on 1st August 2002.


Drink Me

By Queen Adreena

The sonic boom felt from Pretty Like Drugs is an introduction no one will forget in a long time, as the mix of eerie interludes and full on aural blasts shatters through the atmosphere. The latest single opens up Drink Me, Queen Adreena's album offering, and is followed by pretty much more of the same. Katie Jane drills the chilling messages home like the really scary girl that she is, and the doors are firmly secured before the end of Siamese Almeida. She sounds a touch like PJ Harvey having a hissyfit, and quite frankly the UK music scene needs more people like this if its going to get the kick up the arse it needs. When the tempo does drop it's only to sing about razor blades, and when you just about get over worrying about whether you're definitely ex-directory A Bed Of Roses sounds anything but a bed of bloody roses... a lovely little riot affair this one, albeit "Cold sweat, Answer the fucking phone!" just doesn't have the same effect when written down. Don't want to lie, there are a few quieter moments on here, but the better moments are when Queen Adreena produce that dirty, mental guitar sound that you know is going to kick you in the teeth: "I know your secret, Sure ain't gonna keep it". To complete the theme, a scary movie you-are-going-to-die styled keyboard opens up Hotel After Show to great effect and the atmospheric nature thereafter is knee trembling.



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