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Alan is a Cowboy Killer by Mclusky

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Reviewed on 1st August 2002.


Alan is a Cowboy Killer

By Mclusky

Mclusky learnt their trade in the intriguing corner of the rock playground, took references from the big players to the small fry, the intellectual to the big and brutal, the pretty to the downright ugly, and blended it together into a mesmerising fix of off kilter rock and lyrical genius. Title track Alan is a Cowboy Killer meanders from lackadaisical lo-fi to seriously cool guitar oddities, whilst Friends Stoning Friends is a Welsh screamcore emo frenzy with nice harmonies to boot. "Hippies, hippies everywhere and not a drop to drink, the bastards got a mini bar, you'll go far exciting whistle-ah, woo-hoo" exemplifies their quirky lyric writing, as does "Nick Berry had talent in a previous life, I don't like it but my kids will" in Random Celebrity Insult Generator. Ace!



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