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It's Making Me Crazy EP by Diverse

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Reviewed on 1st October 2001.


It's Making Me Crazy EP

By Diverse

Diverse. A word true to fact in this band, as five people from backgrounds ranging from members of senior choir to musical freaks come together and create a musical sound which is so new in today's scene with two vocalists.

The first track starts off with a drum beat which the band then kick in, with lead guitars adding most of the creative touches. But what happens after this astounds me, the female vocals of Kay are very powerful and almost operatic in style and this brings an interesting quality to their music. The powerful guitars and vocal harmonies which appear in the chorus are very good and bring the track to life. A very good track.

The rest of the tracks follow basically the same building blocks as the 1st track, with one vocal taking the lead for the verse, and then a separate singer taking the lead for the bridge, and BOTH vocals in the chorus. This concept was good at first, but used in every track gets repetitive. Their other vocalist, Noble, has a very harsh vocal sound, but I think Kay's voice adds a certain difference to their sound.

Diverse are all very good musicians but the mix of this cd lets them down. Go and see them soon.



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