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Staging by Cornershop

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Reviewed on 1st August 2002.



By Cornershop

Tjinder Singh's Cornershop are so funking cute and clever that you have to love them. August's single release on Wiiija has two mixes of Staging and a massive dub version of Motion 11 lined up with Green P's (Asian-English Stax?) and Straight Aces (godknowswhat technoid) for a tantalising shower of magpie beads and bangles. If this is multiculturalism gone mad, then Praise Be!. It's irresistibly English, and fascinatingly weird all at the same time. I've no idea what singles are for. But maybe if you were a bit scared of doing the whole 4 album catch-up this broad spread (with bonus tracks to spare) would get you started. It certainly signed me up to the cause.



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