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Frozen Jungle Entertainment by Frock

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Reviewed on 1st August 2002.


Frozen Jungle Entertainment

By Frock

Great from beginning to end. I mean great as well. Fredrick Kinbom is a great. A Swedish singer songwriter working in Brighton, born in Stockholm with some tracks mixed in Rio de Janeiro. I can only say how glad I am he sings in English! His band project is called Frock. The band are to Kinbom what the new Love band are to Arthur Lee. Perfect.

The fact that I can hear Arthur Lee in this record isn't only because I saw Love on Tuesday night. As you will soon find, a trip to www.frockmusic.com brings you to a list of influences. .do you know who's top? Indeed, the man himself:

"Arthur Lee's illegitimate Swedish offspring" says the promoter's gig advert. Enough said.

I have some theories of my own. Maybe this is really Syd Barret, only this Syd Barret loves Wondermints, and in his madness is making some comment on John Lennon's genius. He also knows the Olivia Tremor Control, ( the very best samples of trains, crickets, filters, shopping malls, backward yoghurt eaters and such subtleties blending the gems of this debut together.)

I do not wish to delve into musical technicalities too much. There's a risk of trivialising this wonderful record and possibly confusing the issue. Gentle, complex songs with Barretesque melodies. Rich acoustic guitar, touches of upright bass, percussion and other miraculous sonic additions.

All that can be said has been said already. Fredrick Kinbom is a great. The 10 track CD is on Kinbom's own I Like Records label.



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