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Untitled by Citrus

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Reviewed on 1st September 2002.



By Citrus

Well hasn't someone been listening to The Stone Roses? Was it the guitarist? I think it was wasn't it! Come on you can tell me there's nothing to be ashamed of...

Citrus hail from London town where they have been jiving in the studio with the "legendary" producer Pat Collier. The 3 tracks on this demo bare all the hallmarks of a thoroughly pro-job and senior Collier he twiddle de knobs goood! The full sound supports the big swinging harmonies and summer breeze melodies enough to warm the cockles of many a student dance floor. This is above average Indie with a definite influence from Mr Squire with it's big echoey fret wibbling offering many a recollection of 1989.

Opener 'Show Me Life' comes scarily close Tina Arena's Show Me Heaven on occasion and is a peculiar combination of nice boy college band and sleazy alt-indie. For the most part it works but doesn't leave a lasting memory.

'Casablanca' now adds not only Roses guitars but vocal melody. What lets the song down is the insistent dum... dum... dum... dum of the bass, clearly highlighting the difference in talent between the influenced and the influencer. Closer 'Give it a rest' returns to big sweet boy harmonies and despite wandering perilously close to Del Amitri the band manage to save the day with some Charlatans esque melodies and more Roses riffs.

Citrus are a tight and tuneful outfit and if they can dump the poppier prancy parts to their music and play on the darker strands I'd really quite like them. My only worry is that the world might not be ready just yet for a Stone Roses revival and they haven't missed the boat they're just going to be waiting on the quayside for some time.



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