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Soulwind by Gaia

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Reviewed on 1st October 2002.



By Gaia

The back of Gaia's four song demo is adorned with the typically touted quote "...who have defined their own sound" and as with so many before them, Gaia are not something that'll leave you thinking "how revolutionary". Instead the Sheffield songs smiths deliver fairly safe, mildly sweet, acoustic, indie-blues rock. There is definitely a kind of straighter, male, Sundays feeling going on, although the guitar work dangerously ventures near to widdly rock at times and that guitar chorus effect that you only ever hear on unsigned bands and Marillion records, manages to rear it's ugly head. These are 4 reasonably written, proficiently played and decently produced tracks. They do however fail the whistle test, it's pleasant but it meanders with out much purpose.

Opener "You and All" fails to have much impact with it's overly fussy arpeggio guitar, but track 2 "Too late" brings some much needed soul and depth, with some excellent accompanying female backing vocals. The song is let down by some rather twee lyrics...yes folks we're talking gliding breezes and sunlight on faces (ouch). "Pretty Smile" does it self no favours with the sickly chorus guitar intro, however it does a lot to improve the bands lyrical quality. Closer "True love" is as memorable as the band get and guitarist John Rose shows of his Dave Gilmour comparisons as described in the inlay.

Sheffield's Gaia offer a very mature and accomplished sound but their songwriting direction is questionable. With a bit of practice anyone can pick up an acoustic guitat and strum out some pretty sounding chord progressions but the trick is writing a song with them that people remember. You don't need me to tell you where I feel Gaia are at the minute and with the talent they obviously have where I hope they will be in the future.



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