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Don't Mug Yourself by The Streets

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Reviewed on 1st October 2002.


Don't Mug Yourself

By The Streets

The new single from The Streets is out this week, and there's little doubt you already know which song I mean. Little doubt either that you probably hate it. Nearly everyone I know thinks it's a bit naff, and I already feel isolated as I admit to being a fan of Mike Skinner's garage material. I like the city vibe, attitude and spoken-word mockney geezer delivery, sort of like Phil Daniels in Parklife but with a midlands accent. I like the fact it reminds me of The Specials, don't ask me why. I just like it, full stop. The B-side on CD1 focuses on Mike talking about being a fake; spending all of his time recording in the studio than actually experiencing any of the street life to which he refers - "I'm a fake, I don't live the streets" - "I aren't the archetypal street geez, buy me get one studio free" - although he goes on to compare this admittance with other music forms - "I don't sing the blues or feel the fever, which by definition aren't spoken truth either". All I can say is take a chance and give it a listen, it worked for me...



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