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Always Tripping by The Psychedelic Breakfast

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Reviewed on 1st October 2002.


Always Tripping

By The Psychedelic Breakfast

As bad as the name is it's one that sticks in the head and I remembered it from a conversation I had with an A&R man in London about bands we knew in the North East. Therefore it was quite a pleasant "small world" experience when this CD dropped through my letterbox and I expected great things from Newcastle's "The Psychedelic Breakfast". Unfortunately I have been left a little disappointed. Some proficient playing, some quality production and a wealth of studio ideas doesn't mask what are essentially two rather middle of the road album tracks.

Opener "Always tripping" is pleasant and twiddles around nicely but has little else going for it. It scores extremely low on the memorability stakes and although it's not always a bad thing that you discover something new every time you listen again, in this case there is a distinct feeling it's because you couldn't remember hearing the song before. Likewise following track "Uncontrollable soul" is equally as nicely noodly but has "b-side at best" written all over it.

Sound wise the band feel like a Madchester band post Roses, Northside and the Milltown Brothers. It's nothing particularly original or perhaps more importantly current and it's just not good enough to justify its dated ideas. I'd really like to hear a 3 minute straight old verse / chorus, verse / chorus pop song from this band because I suspect, given the talent and ideas they clearly have it would be something worth pursuing. As it is this is far to wandering and not substantial enough to start the day on.



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