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Decayed by Crash Cartel

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Reviewed on 1st October 2002.



By Crash Cartel

Crash Cartel. Hmmm, now there's a name you can't help but think you've heard before but in which lifetime god only knows. Apparently they hail from Plymouth, and I most certainly haven't seen them live, but it seems that even false familiarity demands attention so when the CD dropped through the letterbox it was straight on for an immediate listen. The biog and press quotes look impressive and extensive, and to their honest credit Crash Cartel aren't afraid of listing good and bad reviews together [check their website]. Decayed is the title track from their new single and quickly discredits the strange past comparisons to Manic Street Preachers (The Fly) or Green Day (NME) by ear-strangling metal guitar work with punk attitude (and blues progressions). The intro riff repeats throughout, it's very direct and catchy and foot stomping is an understatement. But this track is let down by vocals that appear written for a different song entirely and I can't make my mind up whether Dave Saxby can actually sing; at times he proves himself most admirably and has a definite throat-growling screamer quality - while at other times it sounds like he is losing his way all too easily. Tears and Kicks is a snotty 1970s punk ordeal, a quick fire minute-and-a-half punka tune closing with a Pistols-esque 'fucking loosaaaah'. So this is where the media pundits get their "teenage angst" tags! They'll probably go down a scream live. Literally.



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