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Fragile Awareness by The Pattern

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Reviewed on 1st November 2002.


Fragile Awareness

By The Pattern

What I like about the pattern is that after first listening I couldn't stand them. I listen 3 days later and I can't stop ... it's on non-stop repeat. I guess their CD is a grower and not a shower, like so many skinny white boys. The Pattern's 'Fragile Awareness' is a 3 track CD 'for promotional use only'. The title track opens up the CD with mildly distorted, Hives-style guitars, up-tempo drums and whiney vocals that could be compared to The Vines. 'Fragile Awareness' is catchy and even has the odd guitar solo in there as well for good measure. Progressive and yet still hooky so that one isn't reaching for the skip track button and radio friendly at just under 3 minutes.

The second track 'Ladies Speaking Out' is a milder, mellower number with nice jangly guitars, pretty vocals harmonies and even a tiny little organ somewhere underneath it all. Unfortunately, though, it never seems to get anywhere and predictably fades out, which is always disappointing. 'You or You' closes the CD, bringing my interest back a bit. Heavily guitar-riff driven, again with a few solos. Playing about with dynamics and having a decent chorus, I would imagine this song would be a good opener live.

This CD shows a diversity in the band but their rocky stuff is still quite similar, although having said that I wouldn't mind seeing this band live at all as their power and energy probably doesn't come across as well on record as it would live. With memorable choruses powered by choppy guitars and 'just got out of bed' haircuts, the NME would love these. I, on the other hand, thought they weren't that bad and don't deserve that kind of 'piss-poor music magazine' associated insult. What they're doing isn't any different to anyone else with a 'the' in front of their name at this point in time, that could be their downfall.



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