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Advertisements For Myself by Brave Captain

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Reviewed on 1st November 2002.


Advertisements For Myself

By Brave Captain

"Wake Up Boo" has become something of an albatross for Martin Carr. The Boo Radley's never managed to write anything as catchy again and subsequently split up. Now operating under the name of Brave Captain and dabbling with electronica, Carr is back with this new album.

That albatross is still there and nothing on this album is going to shift it. As a whole it's a bit disjointed, with random knob twiddling and ker-a-zee noises going off everywhere it literally sounds like someone just messing about with their Casio keyboard's different styles and beats. Well, ok maybe it sounds like someone doing it on an expensive Roland keyboard then. The sounds are ok but their all a bit random and not really that interesting or listenable.

With a few good old fashioned pop songs thrown in at random intervals it doesn't quite work as a complete piece. It's on these numbers, such as "I Was A Teenage Death Squad" where there are some glimmers of hope. "Betsi's Beads" is the stand out track, coming across all Fountains Of Wayne-meets-Bluetones and giving chance for Carr to show where his real talent lies.

This album just doesn't inspire, captivate or entertain basically put and had this just been some random Joe off the street I doubt it would have ever made it past the bedroom door.



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