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Summertime EP by Heroic Trio

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Reviewed on 1st December 2002.


Summertime EP

By Heroic Trio

This second offering from York-based alt-rock outfit Heroic Trio, the follow-up to last year's Driveby EP, is a decidedly mixed affair. Opening track Sugarbeet begins life as a brooding, understated number, most notable for its drawled PJ Harvey-esque vocals and looped drumming. However, after seemingly fading away to a dignified close, the song belatedly comes alive again on full throttle. Whilst this gimmick undoubtedly grabs the listener's attention, the pause is simply too long and the sudden blast of noise therefore only serves to grate against the downbeat "ending" of moments earlier. However, that's not to say that Heroic Trio shouldn't indulge themselves in making loud music; indeed, the best moments on the EP come when the band indulge in a fuller, richer sound. The harmonies and chugging guitar backing of second track Dead Or Alive, for example, offer substantially more direction and purpose than final number Tarantella, which sees the band launch into a somewhat over-indulgent attempt to produce a seven-minute epic. Whilst the track is interesting lyrically, it suffers from the inclusion of too many different ideas. Twisting and turning from anguished vocal to squelchy keyboard noise, from isolated cymbal crash to power riff, it demonstrates the need for Heroic Trio to pace themselves better. While the band are clearly brimming over with creative ideas, they might benefit from an experienced producer, a wise head who can teach them that less is sometimes more in creating a truly memorable record.



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