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Perseverance by Hatebreed

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Reviewed on 1st December 2002.



By Hatebreed

Right, first things first, I hold my hands up and openly admit that I have no love for the style of music touted by Hatebreed. I used to rehearse in Bradford in a room sandwiched between two bands that sounded identical to Hatebreed - double drum pedals, that "awwwwaaaggghh, dooooaaaww, aaagaaaahwww" vocal sound, guitars on 11 and lyrics about black angels, the devil, blood, your usual white middle class vision of the underworld, etc, etc...

To my ear Hatebreed are no different and for all I know I am holding in my hands the very pinnacle of what can, has been and will be achieved in dark hardcore metal. With song titles like "A call for blood", "Bloodsoaked memories" and "Smash your enemies" it doesn't require much guessing to know what's upsetting these guys. They look really really mean on the CD, you wouldn't leave your granny alone with them put it that way!

For fans of the genre then you'll love it - 17 songs that sound no different to each other and a singer that sings, sorry growls at one monotone pitch over every song. For me it will never be played again, so if you want a free Hatebreed album then email me and I will happily make you Christmas dreams come true.



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