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100 Blankets by 100 Blankets

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Reviewed on 1st December 2002.


100 Blankets

By 100 Blankets

Apart from having a similar name to Hundred Reasons, there isn't much you can say about this band. As I listen to the opening track, I get the feeling the song isn't going anywhere. It's an up-tempo garage rock effort with vocals that I don't particularly like. And they don't get any better in the rest of the 4-track EP. 'Drowning' in probably about as catchy as this band get, but once you've heard the first verse and chorus, that's it - the song doesn't change in any way really. I find the whole CD very average - bland. Okay this band aren't particularly bad and sound pretty tight, but haven't really got any stand out tracks. My advice to them would be get in touch with a producer who could at least tell them about dynamics, as there aren't any. 'Sunsets' closes the EP and I'm worried to find out its almost seven minutes long when I look inside the CD case. This one should really get to the point a bit earlier, but it doesn't. I don't have to listen to all of this do I? I really want to press stop. I'm actually quite bored of this now. Okay maybe that's a bit mean, but I don't really get what they're trying to do or why the song is so long. It's incredibly repetitive and, again, bland. Seven-minute epics should be left to Led Zeppelin and the seventies.

Okay so this CD looks self produced, so there are a few things to be learnt from this. I don't, personally, think these songs are the best in the word by far and aren't great advertisements for the band. I don't find them at all interesting and I think they should spend more time writing some decent hooky tunes that have more than one chord progression, possibly get the singer to invest in some vocal training because I also think that its too raw for the music they're playing. On the plus side, the band seem very tight and if they listen to a wide range of music and spend time writing some better songs then there will be definite improvement.



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