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Urban Lullabies (sampler) by Akaysia Parker

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Reviewed on 1st January 2003.


Urban Lullabies (sampler)

By Akaysia Parker

Imagine having melted chocolate poured into your ear, while you have you face rubbed with feathers, simultaneously having the back of you head vigorously stroked - is it a nice feeling? How long before it would become annoying? 15mins 30secs! because that's the running time of this CD.

Akayzia Parker sounds like the character in the fast show who used to change her voice to "awl girlwy when a bwig stwong man comes in da woom". It's pretty, disposable dinner party music aimed at the predominantly female 26+ market. It's the chick flick of the charts. It's big harmonies, obvious melodies and quiet verses that rely on the sickly sweet breathy whispers of Akayzia. Her biog draws big name comparisons such as Billie Holiday (why don't you start bigger?), PJ Harvey (Nope!), and Macy Gray (after 8 pints of hot chocolate) - so only slightly presumptuous then.

Songs wise they all melt (quite literally) into one another providing a big steaming sauce of husky vocals, acoustic guitar plucking, lilting down a river melodies...and you are drifting slowly off to sleep...off to sleep...a deep sleep...snore!

It won't surprise when in a few months time she is singing with Jools Holland, appearing on Parkinson and on the stereo of every candle lighting, bathing woman in the land.



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