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The Stars at Saint Andrea by Devics

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Reviewed on 1st January 2003.


The Stars at Saint Andrea

By Devics

This is a pretty album, the pretty soundtrack to a beautifully shot film, heart warming, thought provoking and deep. It mellows its way from the background into your senses and whispers like a Calvin Klein perfume advert. Maybe something about ploughing their trade in LA inspires Devics to write each song as if it were for a film, conjuring up crisp images of light and dark. Written & recorded in an Italian cottage, it's as laid back as the pace associated with hotter, sunnier and remote parts. Several times you're sure you can hear the next glass of wine being poured or the faint noise of the crickets outside, the air steamy with the end of day heat.

As with any album where the pace is set to hammock swing, it struggles on occasion to entirely hold it's listener's interest. Whispering soundscapes blur into one another and nothing dares to wake you with a sharp sounding guitar or piano. It all tails off in the last third but before then some beauties are drifted in and out - "Don't take it away" and "In your room" being the best of breed. Vocally the angelic Sarah Lov is reminiscent of Drugstore's Isabel Monteiro and the occasional peppering of Nick Cave backing vocals add a darker mood.

For a lazy summers afternoon this is perfect. As the sun sets, switch it on, roll one up and stare endlessly at the dying embers of your BBQ. Ah to be there and not here on a wet Yorkshire evening!



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