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Perfume by Blind Eye View

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Reviewed on 1st February 2003.



By Blind Eye View

There isn't a great deal that inspires on this 5 track EP. Opening song Perfume is about as good as it gets, with what seems to be their big song - it's as watered down as stadium rock gets. Laid back drum rhythms and vocals are prominent over the simplistic guitar progressions. It's short on ideas though and it stops being interesting about half way through. There is a full version of this song at track number five, and doesn't do anything to improve the radio edit, it's just longer.

'What we lost in the process' is a more up tempo number, while still being indie has more punky rocky elements but again is crying out for some more ideas. The changes in the song are too similar to the original progressions and we are left with a muddy, guitar effects laden song that is way too predictable and again doesn't go anywhere.

There is brief absolute forgiveness in 'Poser'. Acoustic guitar accompanies the interesting addition of a violin, I think, and a building song that retains my interest all the way through. The distinctive voice of the lead singer is really suited to this song. The dynamics and harmonies on this song are superb - the chorus is memorable and the verses are sweet and show progression, unlike the carbon copy verses in the other songs on this CD. And it kindof rocks, as well as being very touching.

The intro to 'Healthy' promises much but isn't very interesting and is very obvious. Naive lyrics are apparent, over the kind of chord sequences that have been heard thousands of times before.

That's the thing. The band play their instruments well, but for only about a quarter of each song and then repeat. A lot of their stuff is very similar to their previous songs and to be a better band, diversity not only within the songs but between the set would be required. Indie guitar bands are ten-a-penny and Blind Eye View's mellow guitar based pop is all very well and good but doesn't stand out from the rest of the pile .They aren't sloppy but they're not very interesting and I'm sorry to say that, because they can obviously play.



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