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Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows

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Reviewed on 1st February 2003.


Big Yellow Taxi

By Counting Crows

Had it not been for a spat with Top Of The Pops some 10 years ago when the band refused to lip sync debut single 'Mr. Jones' then it's entirely possible that Counting Crows could be as big an entity in the UK as they are in the USA. As it was their record label over here consequently refused to push the band and only with this single have CC finally got to perform on TOTP.

It seems a shame that it looks like with this Joni Mitchell cover Counting Crows are finally going to get a top 20 hit; if the midweek sales are to be trusted. The original is great so with a fine foundation to build from Adam Duritz and co. have produced a version that does Ms Mitchell justice without setting any blazing fires. Initially a hidden track on latest album 'Hard Candy' the song now features on latest Hugh Grant vehicle 'Two Weeks Notice' and therefore has been spruced up with some delightful vocals from nimble fingered Vanessa Carlton. Her vocals work well as they come in and out, dancing around Duritz's, with a dash of acoustic guitar here and there and a punchy backbeat adding to proceedings.

Two live acoustic tracks are there for the fans; the album versions may have been better equipped to win over any new allies. A minor success though should ensure the band's name sticks in people's sub-conscious for their next original release.



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