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100th Window by Massive Attack

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Reviewed on 1st February 2003.


100th Window

By Massive Attack

Prior to their extensive (and expensive) U.K tour in April, Massive Attack have released their long awaited fifth album "100th Window". I am a firm believer that "Mezzanine" contains some of the best songs ever made, but can 100th Window measure up to the optimistic expectations?

As soon as you press play, the magic begins... sounding a bit like Muse if they went electronic, until one of those growling bass lines kick in, and we are instantly into familiar, though not unpleasant, territory. Yes, it has all been regurgitated, and perhaps even diluted this time round. All right, Massive Attack did develop some kind of special formula for their success, but the phenomenal tracks like "Angel" and "Teardrop" are a faint undertone throughout most of this album.

Therefore, why buy it? I shall tell you why. Stand-out tracks; "Special Cases" "A Prayer for England" and "Name Taken" are all a taste of bass-driven heaven. Nothing seems to quite reach the pedestal that past tracks (to name others "Protection" "Unfinished Sympathy") remain standing on, however, it is everything one would desire from the well respected dance act. It features the contribution of many other high-status musicians, it sends chills down the spine of anyone who listens to it and it is capable of easing any form of Insomnia. If you're looking for a fresh Chill-out album to return to time and time again, look no further.

If you haven't heard much of Massive Attack's stuff, GET MEZZANINE FIRST, for 100th Window is simply, a continuation of their previous achievements.



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