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So Different by The Cognition

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Reviewed on 1st February 2003.


So Different

By The Cognition

According to their accompanying biog, The Cognition are poised to pounce on the big time. Name dropping comes as standard and despite some poorly chosen influences (thankfully none of which feature - Primal Scream (In that both bands have heads), Oasis (PLEASE GOD NO!), Nirvana (???) this double A-side lives up to the fanfare intro it's given.

Winner in this two sided battle of anthemic Brit-rock is with out doubt the corking "So Different". It's simple, it sounds eff'in massive and it just keeps rocking. It has a slightly retro feel to it, calling on some shoegazing influences from early nineties Creation Record types such as Adorable, but it never loses it's kick. "The Bamboo Section" is a good song, a little too by the numbers at times with it's strings and sweeping text-book indie solos but it's a harsh critic who pulls too many holes in what is sure to be an anthemic live fave.

The Cognition are an impressive bunch and from just 2 songs they've got me sitting up. Let's hope the insecure music industry has enough about it to recognise these boys for what they are!



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