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A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coldplay

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Reviewed on 1st March 2003.


A Rush Of Blood To The Head

By Coldplay

Bedwetter music?? Coldplay took Alan McGee's taunt and rammed it back down his throat. If this LP was Coldplay's attempt to shake off the indie-student rock tag then they have succeeded majestically. This is one of the most emotional and heartfelt albums to top the charts for many, many years.

'Parachutes' would not be an easy act to follow, more specifically the band had to capture the casual fan who expected a album made up of 11 'Yellow's. Straight out the blocks we see that Coldplay have matured. Their opening missive 'Politik' crashes into life with a keyboard and drum mesh and then drops back to nothing but Chris Martin and his piano and the line, "Look at Earth from outer space / Everyone must find their place." Suddenly 'Parachutes' seems decades ago. Anyone doubting Coldplay's ability to grow bigger and deeper is proved wrong instantly.

There is a confident swagger apparent throughout the album. Not a Gallagher sized swagger, but an underlying confidence, which is something that 'Parachutes' never had. Never is this more apparent than in 'God Put A Smile On My Face' ("God gave me style / God gave me grace.").

And then at the drop of a hat, Martin proves he can do stadium-sized, lighters in the air ballads as well as anyone. Recent single 'The Scientist' is proof of that, it's a song that is destined to become Coldplay's 'Don't Look Back In Anger'. Frankly it deserves better. It's certainly the most beautiful top ten hits this country has had as far as I can remember.

Whether at their poppiest ('In My Place'), at their darkest ('A Rush Of Blood To The Head'), at their most fragile ('Green Eyes') or their most cheerful, ('Amsterdam'), Coldplay are never anything less than superb on this album.

With 'Rush of Blood' Coldplay have made the album that will turn them into global superstars. How they follow this is anyone's guess.



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