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Metarie! by Brendan Benson

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Reviewed on 1st March 2003.



By Brendan Benson

Herman's Hermits for a new generation, Brendan Benson is deep in the suburbs of Kwellerville. "Metarie" is bourgeois, pointless, soulless, very cute, and very lavishly furnished with musical equipment and recording studio time. Survival is clearly not an issue here.

The stance is reminiscent of Fountains of Wayne. Superfically educated kids being fascinated by the carnival spookiness of the rock and roll gypsies, but determined to stay safe and ruefully detached from the ulitimate thrills. "Sleep all day, stay up all night" is the most cringingly pubescent of fantasies that I really can't be bothered with this stupid song. If it were ironically intended, that would make it even worse. But I suppose it is an advance on Craig David.

So if you fancy making a move from the tweeny land of CD:UK to the wannabe adultness of Hollyoaks, Brendan Benson might be your guide. It's what genuine pop music is all about, and for some folk it might be "challenging", with it's nearly real guitar solo. So it could be massive.

But for God's sake, does the world have to have another song that rhymes leaving this place with getting a new face? For this alone, I'm inclined to sympathise with the US of A's lingering fascination with the death penalty.



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