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Reviewed on 1st March 2003.



By Sandfly

For the most part, this Lincolnshire based folk-rock outfit, offer pretty ordinary acoustic picking/strumming tunes of the brand that will be eternally popular in pubs whose name begins O' or round the campfires of crusty festivals. It's inoffensive and melodic, formulaic and lacking vocal passion. Using the remarkably common tactic of failing to provide any literature with their CD, there is little else that can be said about Sandfly.

Opener "Spiralling habit" and "You never ask" fit the sound to the letter: mid tempo, reedy guitar, rather obvious melodies over-laying other rather obvious melodies, creating an acceptable sound that rather goes no where (certainly not into the memory). Final track "A tale of power" provides the most interest. Musically it shows some ambition, applying a decent bass line and allowing the drummer a chance to do what he/she does best, however the 'right the wrongs' GCSE poetry that makes up the lyrics are frankly painful. By the time we've ventured through an awkward middle eight that none of the band seemed to know was coming, and made the following verse "different" by introducing a bout of handclapping it's all gone Eldorado!

Folk-rock has a massive underground following in this country, with some phenomenal acts buried out there. Like other genres it's easy to mimic with the right chord structures and rhythms but as equally difficult to master. There's no attempt at mimicry on the part of Sandfly but the latter, for now remains a distant goal.



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