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Soldier Girl (remixes) by The Polyphonic Spree

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Reviewed on 1st April 2003.


Soldier Girl (remixes)

By The Polyphonic Spree

So it's a single with remixes. This used to annoy me, but recently I've been looking forward to hear how my favourite electro (or not) artists mangle indie songs. This CD has remixes by Death In Vegas and RJD2 in 2 forms - instrumental and not. As Paul Morricone once said "What's The Point?" This could also refer to the Death In Vegas remix which just seems to take half The 'Spree out and replace their cacophony of noise with blips and beeps in a DIV style. Not great frankly.

RJD2 however has me undecided, which is surely a good thing. Starting of like some dodgy Dj Shadow / UNKLE effort with a completely new beat to it, this is gonna be different to the DIV version. Fantastic dodgy synth / hip hop brass going on and a great ripping apart of the track. The Instrumental version works a lot better for this mix, with only the tell-tale guitars giving the origin away but some great funk organ leading the way. Very good and what you actually want to hear from a remix



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