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Welfare Problems by Randy

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Reviewed on 1st April 2003.


Welfare Problems

By Randy

Being handed the press release my eyes were first to glance at the band photo, my initial opinion was not good. I was sure I had seen one of them driving a lorry down the M1 no more than a week ago. What was even more amusing was the fact that they had been deliberating over a photo to send for two months. I hoped better decisions had been made on the record. As the old saying goes, do not judge a book by its cover, this album sounds like it has come from well developed band who have found what they are looking for. This is a personal record that comes across as good wholesome fun. This could seem a little odd as Randy are known for being a political band which is shown in their lyrics, but who says a band can't put its point across in a way which makes you smile. The collection of songs on this album does not really pull you in from the start but giving the record a chance it slowly wraps itself around you. Even if this music is not really your cup of tea, and it's not mine you can't dispute its great sound and production quality. This is rock music with influences ranging from AC/DC to the Dead Kennedys. The energy emitted comes across with ease and is even shown in the track X ray eyes, which is the more relaxed part to the record. We will have to wait and see if this record does to Randy what they hope and gives them a step to the next level....



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On 6th June 2004 at 12:34 Anonymous 2671 wrote...

Saw these guys supporting the Hives a few years ago in Nottingham. Quite good.



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