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Young Miss America by Gold Chains

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Reviewed on 1st May 2003.


Young Miss America

By Gold Chains

'Post Punk', 'Avant-garde Rap', 'Punk - Hop', these are just a few of the descriptions given to Gold Chains musical style. Listening to the album 'Young Miss America', the debut album for Gold Chains, I have to disagree. What it is, is a fine rap record, I can't say hip-hop; that would be unfair as it is much more than that.

What we have in Gold Chains, is a socially aware, dirty as fuck rapper. Imagine Jella Biafro and Ron Jeremy as a rapping hybrid, trampling over a fusion of leg stomping beats and blasts of musical loops. Be it dance hall, techno, funk or harmonious vocals, its all here.

Parts of this album are hilarious, with Gold Chains rapping about wanting to 'Snort coke' from a ladies arse crack, or his ongoing quest to bed the ladies. That track could then be followed by a tune blasting capitalism and the fat cats whose only care is the almighty dollar.

'Young Miss America', works on lots of different levels for the listener. You can listen to his message on freedom and the destruction of capitalism, which gets you thinking. You could laugh at his stories of dangerous liaisons. Or you could forget all that and just enjoy the music. These tunes are great to dance to, perfect for a party.

This album is eleven tracks long; out of these nine are instantly enjoyable. Be it the funky 'The Game', or the hard hitting, tough talking 'Much Currency Flows'. The other two just taking longer to get into, the title track probably being the weakest track.

If you like your music to be straight talking yet humorous. Schizophrenic and foot stomping. Buy this CD and enjoy.



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