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Untitled by Barry and the Beachcombers

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Reviewed on 1st May 2003.



By Barry and the Beachcombers

It happens. Three friends who like nerdcore decide they're going to learn to play. It doesn't quite work out.. But it was such a good idea. World domination and everything.

So why not a piss-take album? Y'know, really gross playing with really stupid words aboout he Green Cross Code and shit?

It woud be really funny and we'd be able to make mistakes and it would be ... er ... funny. And when Derek plays that not terrible bass line that he learned people would go "hey! he can aactually play!" And we could still be first on on Donnington and there'd be a cult thing and .... like it would be a piss take thing satirising penis rock and everything when we do the squeaky voice thing about chickens.

Where's Lemon Head Ron when you need him?



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Barry and the Beachcombers

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