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I would give it all up for your Love by The Moonies

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Reviewed on 1st May 2003.


I would give it all up for your Love

By The Moonies

If you sped the Buzzcocks up then you would have The Moonies. In the recent media frenzy of garage rock bands that regularly appear at the whim of the NME and their evil media empire buddies, to often the focus seems away from our shores - be it Sweden, Australia or the US, we overlook our own proficiency to turn out some darn' right great bish bash bosh guitar songs. Ominously coming from the same part of Liverpool as The Beatles, and even more ominously advertising the fact, The Moonies waste no time in gaining your affection. "I Would Give It All Up For Your Love" is the two minute six seconds type of perfection made to be adored. It even has the nerve to have two parts that would make stonkin' choruses in separate songs. Things continue in the same speed guitpop style with "I Like You". Sounding like over excited kids about to over heat with the joy of a new toy. Just when you think you've worked The Moonies out, they smugly pen a two minute acoustic strum straight from the song book of Lennon & McCartney. From now on The Vines can go home supping their amber nectar while we can have pint of the good stuff with the new champions elect...that's who the f**k The Moonies are!



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