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Oddeyesee by The Apes

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Reviewed on 1st May 2003.



By The Apes

As always I'm going to show my complete ineptitude at reviewing by saying I don't know how to review it. It's raw, cranky, mental and it's very very good. The Apes get set apart from the start by not having no guitarist. Spooky song interludes and songs like "Wor Wiz" and "Wor Wiz's Modern Problems" give you an increasing impression of the band. At one end of it's crazyness it sounds like some medieval funeral music, at the other, a mash up between Black Sabbath and Tortoise. All which of course, rocks my world, as it should yours.

The disjointed bass guitar (often acting as a lead) displays evidense of a previous existance in the DC harcore scene before, "a large green eyed insect" visited the band infusing the band with "the psycadelic sounds of San Francisco around 1967." Nice, so what you have here is drug fuel pyscadelic alt-church music that rocks and riffs with the best of them. Crazy lyrics, strange themes, concept songs/album, it's fantastic, and it's good to hear, when even the world of juttery guitars is becoming samey, The Apes can come along with fresh ideas and blow the cob-webs away.



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