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Take Your Shoes Off by Cheeky Girls

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Reviewed on 1st May 2003.


Take Your Shoes Off

By Cheeky Girls

Ok we all know about their arses. I'm here to talk about the music. Were you one of those kids nodding your head along as you played Trolley Wolley? Did you get your freak on whilst your brother was playing Pac Man? Did you enjoy the loading of Commodore 64 games more than the playing of them? Well this may be the tune for you! The infectious plink plonk beat sounds just like all our favourite old computer soundtracks rolled into one. For the market this is aimed at, you have to hold your hands up and admit they've hit the nail on the head. Kids will love it, the melody is simple and easier to catch than SARS in a Beijing pepper factory.

The lyrics are pure pop genius too; "Every girl is looking for good fun, we are young and never have enough, disco beat is what we really like.... shake your body all the night this is what you really like, close your eyes and lift your head DISCO MUSIC NEVER ENDS!! Of course it's shit, but in a great way.

Top arses too.



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