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Nothing Concrete Ltd by Columbus Dixon

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Reviewed on 1st June 2003.


Nothing Concrete Ltd

By Columbus Dixon

Newcastle four-piece Columbus Dixon play tightly shaped acidic rock music with an inventive edge. The playing is the most enduring quality in this four track EP. Each instrumentalist is a well controlled and precise. They inspire words like "intricate" and "powerful". The overall sound is very dry, almost sparse. Some dark lyrics and very creative guitar on "The Flies" recalls the genius of Richard Thompson (filtered through some industrial waste with Albini/Fugazi tinges). When needed the percussion and bass is restrained and minimal. For the easily excitable masses there are some devil's horn moments too - with more scariness than usual, because they can hold it back for longer and hammer it out more ferociously with a technicians handle on tempo. The whole thing is handsomely presented. When you've heard it just once, you know you've been in the company of people who are worth listening to.

Look. This is just very good. It might be too musical and too subtle for some, but I love it. My only doubt is the quality of the singing, which starts the show with some over forced lines and doesn't hold the same level of attention as the fiercely played guitars bass and drums.



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