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Am I Wrong? by Mull Historical Society

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Reviewed on 1st June 2003.


Am I Wrong?

By Mull Historical Society

Bloody hell. I ought to really like Mull Historical Society. They have a good name and they get listed in all the same places as my favourite artists like Cat Power and Yo La Tengo and Smackvan and Reindeer Section. And the man does come from SCOTLAND ... but ... you get the idea ... I'm disappointed.

On this single, designed to spread the word beyond the fanzines and websites, Colin MacIntyre is like a folk singer doing Beatles attempts. The ideas are there but the (lack of) convincing fluidity and musical deftness remind me too much of the Damon Gough/Beta Band school of "nearly but not quite".

"Am I Wrong" has an acoustic guitar thrash plus a (can't really play the) six note piano plinking intro that nags on for the rest of the song.. Notes in the tune itself are stretched out to make it sound like there's a melody. But there isn't really. "It Takes More" has bells, some truly horrible swanny whistle noise on and some jammed in too tight words. "Don't you kno-o-o-w there's no such thing as superstars?" And some kind of tango intro and middle eight. What a mess. "It takes more-ore-ore to amuse a boy like me-e-e-e" Or less, in some cases. But please, don't let my grumpiness stop you from going to see him at the Cockpit next week. He is an artist, and as such, he's getting to get up many people's noses. I don't expect you would like Frankie Sparo. But I'd go see him any day.



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