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Out Of The Vein by Third Eye Blind

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Reviewed on 1st June 2003.


Out Of The Vein

By Third Eye Blind

Another American band that have failed to break the UK market, perhaps down to a seeming unwillingness to tour these shores. Some of you may remember the infectious Semi Charmed Life from their eponymous debut and other than that the band may only ever be mentioned due to Stephan Perkins dalliance with Charlize Theron and his current beau Vanessa Carlton.

This, their third album, is pretty much more of the same. Even with the loss and replacement of a guitarist this isn't much of a progression of where the first album left us. That's no bad thing though as it means we get thirteen superb rock pop tunes. Like the debut this truly is an album where you're never tempted to press the skip button, unless you really just can't wait to listen to the awesome "Blinded" again. Perkins' voice is 3EB's ace in the hole, and matched with the jangle and crunch of guitars and punchy rhythm section it swirls together to create a truly beautiful sound. There's so much energy in the tunes "Blinded" making you want to get out of your seat and bounce around. The lyrics contain an honesty that some songwriters avoid. Whilst many people would talk about a girls beautiful hair and sea blue eyes Perkins directness is part of the bands attraction; "Vapour round your body glistens in the shower and I want to stay right here and go down on you for an hour". That is real life.

"Forget Myself" is clearly an exploration of his relationship with Theron and the problems with celebrity relationships; "I promised you what's ours is ours, somewhere backstage with Sean and Lars" whilst "My Hit and Run" tells the tale of how you only realise how much you care for someone when it's too late; "In this motor crash it's you who comes to mind... I protect my face and I see yours".

"Self Righteous" slows the pace somewhat, a fragile ballad with a female vocal duet with Perkins (Carlton perhaps or one of the other female musicians mentioned in the sleeve notes). "And then I feel you breathe and I let go of the hours and I feel your skin and I let you in, lift your head again and try this, do you want this in you?" It's this honesty of emotion that makes these songs so appealing. The lyrics aren't talking about some fantasy girl that you could never touch, just the raw emotions that two people can share.

This is a band that deserve to be in everybody's CD collection.



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