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Foot in Mouth by Nylon Pylon

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Reviewed on 1st June 2003.


Foot in Mouth

By Nylon Pylon

"Foot in Mouth" is a fine pop tune with a relentless four to the bar disco floor slapping whump of a beat-box noise. This CD single/radio edit is big market penetration stuff. A nearly meaningless simile "stapled together like a magazine" buries itself in my short-term memory and WON'T GO AWAY. The song could be about anything but probably isn't. It has a harsh side and a romantic side so it will appeal. The Jagz kooner remix of the title song is a bit of lazy noodling that pulls it apart a bit (not much) and then fails to put it back together in anything like an interesting way. It surely adds to the column inches, and hints at the Arrival of another good band at a national level.

"Aching From Bass" is not, a far as I can tell, a reference to the well known day-after effect of one of England's finest beers. But I like it a lot. It sounds Nordic in an Icelandic/Norwegian sort of slow and mysterious way. The title, stripped of bad puns, says it perfectly. A floating ethereal vocal catches the attention like whispers of mist. Imaginative scrapes and splashes thread in and out of the central and dominant bass line. Good stuff.



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