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Sound Of The Underground by Girls Aloud

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Reviewed on 1st June 2003.


Sound Of The Underground

By Girls Aloud

WAIT! Don't leave just yet. Lets give the girls a chance. Yes everything indicates that you should run screaming from this record. Manufactured band put together by TV show... aaaarrrrgh!! But after debut single "Sound Of The Underground" people actually began to admit (to themselves only) "hey that's pretty cool". And it is. Propelled by a cool drumbeat and Shadows/Pulp Fiction style guitar line it's a song that can fill a dancefloor quicker than Barbara Streisand can clear one.

"No Good Advice" borrows the rhythm section from The Knack's "My Sharona". It's a smart move. With a great verse sprinkled upon it the girls have got themselves another bonafide super slick pop hit. The only let down is the ill-advised "rap" part toward the end.

Writing contributions include Aqua's Lena Nyestrom, Westlife's Bryan McFadden, B*Witched's Edele Lynch and Miss Betty Boo herself, Alison Clarkson. Along with (or maybe with much help from?) the other songwriters here they have made life easy for Girls Aloud. The songs here wisely avoid schmaltzy ballads in favour of upbeat funky tunes with lyrics aimed directly at the teen market; cleverly the whole teen market from the younger end to the hardened by love's trials nineteen year olds.

"All I Need (All I Don't) is a smooth sexy little number whilst "Love/Hate" will get you shakin' that ass a little faster. Vocally the girls put in a sterling performance, cynics may put that down to studio wizardry and that may be true. They sound great on this disc though and that is what we're here to discuss so it's a big thumbs up. They've been given some challenging and interesting vocal parts, which help elevate these songs above some of the bilge released into the Top 40 each week.

This is a damn fine pop album brimming with tunes that Miss Ciccone would be proud to have as her own. Yes they are that good. Honestly. Trust me. Look, just go listen... just ask the girl behind the counter to put the CD in a Metallica sleeve!



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On 16th June 2003 at 22:58 Anonymous 13 wrote...

Yeh, but I spend my time in places like LMS to avoid shit like this Mike ... these people don't need the attention, and we don't need to use up scarce keystrokes describing it. They are the Axis of Evil.


On 17th June 2003 at 08:05 Dave LMS wrote...

My personal view is that if it is good it should be written about. Finding the line between those that 'need attention' and those that don't would be a risky and controversial rule to implement. I'm sure you could use it to remove recent reviews of The Darkness, Mull Historical Society, Mike Oldfield, Stereophonics, Less Than Jake, Shed Seven, POD, Violent Delight, and many more. I think if someone believes they can write a good piece on a CD they shouldn't be restricted based on how large or small or unsigned the band is, or what genre they fit into or whether they were manufactured or not. It also helps to get a more balanced view of the writers tastes and opinions.


On 17th June 2003 at 13:43 Anonymous 13 wrote...

Sorry Dave, I wasn't really suggesting we shouldn't do stuff just cos it's already overhyped ... I was just being a bit over the top in saying 'I think it's rubbish'.


On 17th June 2003 at 23:39 Anonymous 251 wrote...

Sam, O am the first person to slag down manufactured bands, especially ones that come from a TV show. But on hearing the first two singles I was very surprised so took the plunge. It really is fucking good. The kind of cool pop stuff Madonna used to churn out (and apparently has again with her latest). Try it.


On 17th June 2003 at 23:41 Dave LMS wrote...

I rather liked the first single.


On 18th June 2003 at 15:30 Dave LMS wrote...

I loved that song Madonna wrote about Bill Oddy


On 18th June 2003 at 14:26 Anonymous 13 wrote...

I'm over here in the dark corner ... I'm not coming out till it's all gone away ... Madonna cool? ... shudders


On 18th June 2003 at 21:01 Anonymous 6 wrote...

Putting this cd in the sleeve of the new metallica album would be more embarrasing than just buying it

A big cartoon fist?!



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