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All Over You by Pink Grease

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Reviewed on 1st June 2003.


All Over You

By Pink Grease

Pink Grease are sexy in a trashy, New York fanshionista way, and with the inclusion of The Greasettes- three girl backing singers- you can guarantee there will be someone on stage you want to fuck. The opening track of All Over You, The Nasty Show, is a sleazy ode to sex ('I wanna fucking die for you / I wanna die fucking with you), not only do they look like the filthiest, sexiest and coolest kids around, they rock like they are too.

Their sound is raw hormonal garage punk rock made more interesting by the falsetto harmonies of the Greasettes (one of whom looks uncannily like the fat one from Shampoo). Rory Lewarne yelps, squeals, whispers, gasps and screams over heavy drums, fuzzy guitars, squelchy synths and (dare I say it, Electric Six-esque) sax.

The Greasettes truly shine on Susie- a gloriously out of tune parody of 50's 'diner rock'- think 'Grease' if the cast had had unlimited access to beer and JD.

Pink Grease wear their influences on their sleeves. They want us to know they're taking the piss, like in Lou Reed - 'Tryin' to sound like Lou Reed / Make my voice real sleazy' it sounds like an indie dancefloor favourite in waiting with its chic references to rock and roll androgyny- 'With our high heels on, boys / and with our hair dyed blonde / with our fishnets on!'

So is there more to this band than looks, make-up, sleaze and cute retro rock references? The question is do we want there to be? Pink Grease want to look good and sing about getting laid- the result is a stylish, in-your-face record that says 'fuck you', and more than likely, they will.

Pink Grease are playing at Pigs in July, see www.thepigscompany.co.uk for details.



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